Our church believes that God created and ordained marriage for the good of his people. So marriage has been given by God for male and female to enjoy not just a day to remember but very many happy years of married life. 

We in Lecropt are happy to help you to build a good,

firm bond between you which will remain strong for many years to come.

interior showing the Lairds Loft

Attendence or membership of the church is not a pre-requisite for marriage in the Church of Scotland. It should be noted however that the Church of Scotland has a parish based system. Therefore we in Lecropt are primarily to minister to people who live in our parish. 

This means if you want to be married in a Church of Scotland you should approach the minister of nearest Church of Scotland to where you live seeking marriage there in the first instance.

However we recognise that many people who attend Lecropt do not live in our parish. We also recognise that people might want to be married in our beautiful building who likewise do not reside in our parish. In those instances we would require a pastoral relationship with you in some form or other probably involving attending our church for a while before your wedding.


The Chancel  Communion table and west window

To enquire about getting married in our church please contact the Minister directly. To help you in your planning we have prepared a leaflet with helpful information about getting married in our church.

Getting married in Lecropt.pdf